August 1, 2013, Thursday St. Alphonus Liguori

August 1, 2013 in A FEW MINUTES OF PRAYER IN THE HOME PRESS by pithpress

Our Prayer

Lord, as we begin these moments of prayer and meditation in the light of your Word, we ask the Lord the help of the Holy Spirit.
May His Holy Fire engulf us in His love.
May His Holy Word instruct us and inform us.
O God, may you open our minds, our understanding and above all, our will to your call.
May your Word fill our daily living with LIFE.
May our hearts be afire with the desire to love you and serve you.
May we seek above all to imitate the life of prayer and sacrifice of Jesus, your Son.
Help us to seek you in every moment and be willing to give up all worldly allures to serve you.
Give us a heart open to praise you, open to hear you and open to follow you.
Give us a submissive heart like Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart.
That in these moments of prayer, our who life revolves around you.
Our Father, Hail Mary, 
Glory be.

Read:   Ex. 40: 16-3 8    Mt. 13: 47-53

“The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.”   (Mt. 13:49-50)

Hell, as a place, with Satan as its king, with devils and evil spirits, of punishment for evildoers was taught by JESUS!  Jesus referred to hell many times and in many ways.  He taught us that hell is a place of eternal frustration and torment; it is a place to be avoided from this life.

“It is better for you to enter into life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into fiery Gehenna.” (Mt. 18:9)

“You serpents, you brood of vipers, how can you flee from the judgment of Gehenna?” (Mt. 23:33)

The delinquent is (or should be) afraid of jail or prison.  But what is not deserved is not feared.  Much less does it concern us where justice prevails!

Many have chosen to reject the whole notion of hell, rather than to adjust and correct our lives in conformity to the Gospel — and convert our heart to the love of the Lord. 

Can we change reality by simply denying it?  If I think the bus is not coming at me, will it then not crush me as though I were a ‘bug’ on its windshield? 

Jesus life in eternity with Him, not hell.  He wants us to avoid the rejection life in favor of an eternity of total frustration true love.

Reflection and commentary

Psalm 119:43  “Do not take the word of truth from my mouth, for in your edicts is my hope.” 

St. Alphonsus, d. 1787; lawyer; founded Redemptorists; opposed Jansenism, stressing Christ’s love and Mary’s help; bishop of Saint’ Agata dei Goti; master of moral theology; patron of confessors and moral theologians.


Asking God’s mercy and kindness toward us, we present to Him our needs and hopes.  Let us call out to Him:  Bless us with your grace, Lord.

  • Father, we intuitively know that “where there is a will, there is a way.”  Help us to make your holy will ours.
    Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, we know that your Son sought quiet moments to be alone with you.  Help us to seek out those moments of profound prayer with you, and to answer your call to us.  Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, protect our troops, especially in those in harm’s way.
    Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, you gave us your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and you continue to guide Her through tumultuous seas.  Help us to appreciate Her and love Her. Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, humility and faith are the roots of an unshakable access to you.  Help us to be humble and imitate your Son’s humility in everything we do.
    Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, we need to put ourselves under your protection and guidance so that you can strengthen our weakness and frailty.  Help us to be true to you.
    Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, help us not to need  miracles and spectacles in order to believe.  Help us to be content with the miracle of  your Son’s Body and Blood in the Blessed Sacrament.  Bless us with your grace, Lord.
  • Father, you teach us that faithfulness to you is something that costs, but the cost is nothing compared with the love you share with us.  Keep us faithful to you!  Bless us with your grace, Lord.

Please add your own petitions

Our Prayer:  Almighty God and Father, thank you for hearing our petitions. Thank you for your gift of life and new life in your only Son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. AMEN.