August 4, 2015, Tuesday St. John Vianney

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Greetings from Tijuana. 

God is really calling us to something pretty spectacular: The ministry of the Word. 

By our baptism we were baptized into Christ’s death, so that we might fully share the promise and the joy — but also so that we might fully share in the responsibility of His Kingdom.  We were baptized and confirmed, and thus anointed prophet, priest and king, sharing with Jesus His royal and divine charge.

We all want something for nothing.  And while grace, faith and God’s infinite love are truly free gifts.  He wants us to  react to His infinite, divine love, with all that we are humanly capable of doing, showing our genuine gratitude for all He has done for us.

To that end: let our efforts be true and effective efforts at holiness.  May our prayer be fervent prayer that would communicate ourselves with our divine Master.  May our work at evangelization be real labor calling on all to conversion and solidifying that which we already believe. 

August is always a slower time for everything, especially because of our vacation schedule.  Yet there is no vacation from the labor of evangelization. 

IDEAS!!!  Maybe you could dedicate yourself to the spread of the Good News through the sharing with others of this little booklet.  You could pray “A FEW MINUTES OF PRAYER IN THE HOME” with others and teach them how to ‘unfold’ and understand the scriptures in a new way. 

We grow in our ‘Chain of Prayer’ every day as more and more people discover the depth of this little prayer tool and our shared ministry of the explaining the word of God with our neighbor. 

Perhaps you might teach others the beauty of the scriptural Rosary.  How to come to meditate on the Scriptural passages in the Rosary  via the mysteries. 

Or perhaps help us to bring the Word of God via our Radio/TV/Internet ministries in KOINONIA MEDIA through a cash donation.  School, clinic, print, parish, retreat ranch… We need your help and your prayers.

In Christ, ~Fr. Jeffrey David

Our Prayer

Lord, as we begin these moments of prayer and meditation in the light of your Word,

We ask the Lord the help of the Holy Spirit.

May His Holy Fire engulf us in His love.

May His Holy Word instruct us and inform us.

O God, may you open our minds, our understanding and above all, our will to your call.

May your Word fill our daily living with LIFE.

May our hearts be afire with the desire to love you and serve you.

May we seek above all to imitate the life of prayer and sacrifice of Jesus, your Son.

Help us to seek you in every moment and be willing to give up all worldly allures to serve you.

Give us a heart open to praise you, open to hear you and open to follow you.

Help us have a submissive heart like Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart to abandon ourselves more fully to you, Lord.

Our Father, Hail Mary,

Glory be.Glory be.


August 4, 2015,  Tuesday                  St. John Vianney

Read:  Nm. 12: 1-13   Mt. 14: 22-36


“He went up on the mountain by himself to pray.” (Mt. 14:23)

Fear, pain, helplessness and danger spontaneously move us to pray.  These are prayers of supplication and petition.  Apart from these rare moments, most of us have a hard time remembering God, much less communicating with Him. “Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”  (Mk 14:38)

We are not accustomed to contemplative or meditative prayer.  Most of us are lucky to spout out a few memorized prayers — or “favorites” from our old missal. 

While those prayers can be very good and beautiful, there is a danger that our whole will, minds and hearts  may not be behind   those prayers — much less a conscientious effort of the heart to unite with God.  While our lips and eyes may be repeating the written words, our mind and heart may be very far away indeed.   We may be taken up in our problems, material concerns, fantasies, etc.

When we have finished those said words, written or spoken, we can finally say… I’m done!

Prayer is the dedication of one’s faculties, attention, intellect, imagination, love, gratitude and hopes to the contemplation of the Lord’s great gifts.  Through prayer, we try to recognize the Presence and the loving guidance  of the Lord.  We take leave of the “worldly” senses and connect to the Spirit living within.

We need to separate ourselves from life’s distractions to be able to pray.

Reflection and commentary

Psalm 69:14 “I pray to you, God, in your great kindness answer me with your constant help.”

St. John Vianney, d. 1859; universally known as the “Curé of Ars”; compassionate confessor; patron of priests and the parish clergy.






From the 1st to the 7th of August


We know the Father always calls us to a new and more abundant life. Together we cry out to Him: Hear us, O LORD.

  • Help us to be open to you and to your divine ways, so as not to be rejected because of our haughtiness.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Test our hearts, Lord, to see if we have what it takes to be a true disciple, and then give us the strength to follow through with your demands.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Lord, we beg you to care for our soldiers in battle.  May they make good choices, defend life, act justly — and come home soon.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Lord, thank you for the gift of faith we have received from others.  Help us to be equally giving in sharing the faith we have received.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Humility and openness makes us able to accept your gifts.  Help us to have a simple spirit, open to you.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Faith and confidence in the Lord’s goodness is what is needed to confront life’s difficulties.  Help us to trust in you.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Lord, we need vocations for service of the Church and for the salvation of souls.  Give us the strength to foster good vocations. Hear us, O LORD.
  • Pride is really rejecting the truth about ourselves and about you. Help us to throw away earthly pride and to follow you more faithfully.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Sometimes fear, comfort, and our own convenience dictate our actions and attitudes.  We ask you Lord to help us to truly value all human life — from conception to natural death for all your children.  Hear us, O LORD.
  • Help us to pardon our neighbor, no matter what the cost, no matter who they are, or what they have done.  Hear us, O Lord.

OUR PRAYER: God, thank you for hearing our prayers through Christ, our Lord.  AMEN.


Greetings from Tijuana!

By an odd turn of events we’ve been returned to the charge of the parish of the Encarnación and the construction of the chapels and the Sanctuary.  As well as the Radio, Internet and printing press for the Archdiocese. 

100_0287 100_0253The Sanctuary of San Sebastian is still as it was 6 years back.  A diamond in the rough.  Unfinished with great needs.  It will cost at least another $150,000 to finish the structure and then sacred furnishings will be at least that much.  Ditto that for Nuestro Señor de los Milagros. 

The parish church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, needs paint (badly — both interior and exterior), as does the pastoral center and the rectory.  We need to upgrade the sound system.  We can say the same thing for the Espiritu Santo church.  La Dolorosa has not been painted since before 2000 — see how time flies.  We built those churches…  and it will be going on 20 years without being touched. 

I know the 90’s and early 2000’s were better times economically for all, but there must be some room for charity to the poor.  I wish I could say that donations have gone up, but it is the exact opposite.   Prices keep rising and charitable giving goes out the window… but the needy are still there (here). 

100_0235Will you not take the time to discover how much more you might give above the usual generous donation to help us with the capital improvement funds for our churches.  Your donations are tax deductible and it is all going to a really good cause.100_0231

Come and see.  Please!  I can print pictures, but there is nothing like a visit to know what we are doing and how your funds are allotted. 

Doctors, dentists, ocular specialists, pre and post natal care and nurses… we need you to come and give your time and energy — of course in rustic environs.  We need rudimentary first aid goods, lice meds (RID, etc) soaps, Neosporin, shampoo, dental hygiene tools.  Crutches, wheel chairs, unused diabetic goods.  Computers with monitors and modems that work!, desks and chairs, good folding chairs and tables, etc, etc… The list doesn’t end… this space does. 

10321653_295330640634234_3016235183117284490_oWith love in Jesus’ Name, Padre Jeffrey David 

New Phone:  (619) 382-3368  Fr. Jeff’s Cell phone (619) 540-9386