July 28, 2015, Tuesday

July 28, 2015 in A FEW MINUTES OF PRAYER IN THE HOME PRESS by pithpress


Our Prayer

Lord, as we begin these moments of prayer and meditation in the light of your Word,

We ask the Lord the help of the Holy Spirit.

May His Holy Fire engulf us in His love.

May His Holy Word instruct us and inform us.

O God, may you open our minds, our understanding and above all, our will to your call.

May your Word fill our daily living with LIFE.

May our hearts be afire with the desire to love you and serve you.

May we seek above all to imitate the life of prayer and sacrifice of Jesus, your Son.

Help us to seek you in every moment and be willing to give up all worldly allures to serve you.

Give us a heart open to praise you, open to hear you and open to follow you.

Help us have a submissive heart like Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart to abandon ourselves more fully to you, Lord.

Our Father, Hail Mary,

Glory be.Glory be.


July 28, 2015, Tuesday

Read:    Ex. 33:7-11; 34: 5-9      Mt 13:36-43

 “The farmer sowing the good seed is the Son of Man; the field is the world, the good seed the citizens of the kingdom.  The weeds are the followers of the evil one and the enemy who sowed them is the devil.” (Mt. 13:37-39)

Jesus and the devil are in dispute over who rules, not the world, but the souls of men.  The battleground is over the most valuable natuaral resource in the world: the minds and hearts of the human creature.

If the dispute were simply over material things, Jesus would have long ago won the battle.

But the Lord Jesus uses love  as His principal tool in trying to win over His people.  Many of us are not open to understanding and accepting this love, and God does not force Himself on us.  We must accept His love freely, consciously, voluntarily, with gratitude and love in return.

The devil takes an easier route. He works to tear the love of God out of  the hearts of God’s people.

“The seed along the path is the man who hears the message about God’s reign without understanding it.  The evil one approaches him to steal away what was sown in his mind.” (Mt. 13:19)

The devil wins many minds and many hearts because we are very open to desiring the sensual or the “quick-fix” to our needs, rather than putting our trust in Him.

To respond truly to the call of love that God offers us, we need to really try.  We must battle all of our lives against  the distractions and temptations  the devil puts in our way.

Reflection and commentary

Psalm 119:  “Give me insight to observe your teaching, to keep it with all my heart.” 






From the 24th to the 31st of July


With these “A Few Minutes of Prayer in the Home — Koinonía Logos” we come together, no matter how separated by the miles, as one voice in our chain of prayer. We pray to the Lord.

  • You have overcome the world through your meekness and gentleness as shown through the power of your Son’s sacrifice.  Help us to imitate His willingness to suffer for your will.  We pray to the Lord.
  • Defend our military men and women and give them great discernment to do your holy will at all times.  Make them act justly and exercise great restraint with the enormous power for good at their fingertips.  We pray to the Lord.
  • You called us to share the burden of ministry, of work in the kingdom of Earth.  Help us to see the dignity of each person and realize that everyone is a candidate for true holiness and sanctity. We pray to the Lord.
  • There is power in ministry — a power that comes from your Spirit to help us to perform the tasks at hand — to teach and preach and to love in difficult circumstances.  Guide us to your Spirit.  We pray to the Lord.
  • Death is the ticket to life.  The cross is the ticket to joy.  The last shall be first….  Strengthen our belief and make us ready.  We pray to the Lord.

(Add your own petitions)

OUR PRAYER:  You are all we need.  We thank you and praise you.  AMEN.