July 19, 2015, XVI Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 19, 2015 in A FEW MINUTES OF PRAYER IN THE HOME PRESS by pithpress


Our Prayer

Lord, as we begin these moments of prayer and meditation in the light of your Word,

We ask the Lord the help of the Holy Spirit.

May His Holy Fire engulf us in His love.

May His Holy Word instruct us and inform us.

O God, may you open our minds, our understanding and above all, our will to your call.

May your Word fill our daily living with LIFE.

May our hearts be afire with the desire to love you and serve you.

May we seek above all to imitate the life of prayer and sacrifice of Jesus, your Son.

Help us to seek you in every moment and be willing to give up all worldly allures to serve you.

Give us a heart open to praise you, open to hear you and open to follow you.

Help us have a submissive heart like Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart to abandon ourselves more fully to you, Lord.

Our Father, Hail Mary,

Glory be.Glory be.


July 19, 2015, XVI Sunday in Ordinary Time

Read: Jer. 23: 1-6  Eph. 2: 13-18   Mk. 6: 30-34

 “For he is our peace, he who made both one and broke down the dividing wall of enmity, through his flesh, abolishing the law with its commandments and  legal claims, that he might create in himself one new person in place of the two, thus establishing peace, and might reconcile both with God, in one body, through the cross,  putting that enmity to death by it.”  (Eph. 2:14-16)

The identity of the Israeli people as  the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continues to this day.

They were the exclusive people of the promise, or covenant, with God.  All who were on the outside of  this covenant, those uncircumcised, were a banished race, a people without the protection of God.

God expanded His covenant as promised to include the Gentiles, all the non-Jews, through Jesus.  It was blasphemy for the Jews to hear Jesus say that they would not be the only ones, or that their inheritance would be something they were not expecting.

“Many will come and will recline with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the banquet in the kingdom of heaven,  but the children of the kingdom will be driven out into the outer darkness, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.”  (Mt. 8:11-12)

We  share the inheritance Jesus promised.  We are the promised people and the people of  “the new and everlasting covenant”. 

Yet we may be in the same danger those haughty Jews were — the danger of being excluded from the Kingdom by not being faithful to Him.

Reflection and commentary

Psalm 50: “Gather my faithful ones before me, those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”






Together, we offer our prayers to our Heavenly Father.  We offer them in the unity and  power motivated by the Holy Spirit.  We now present our needs: Lord, hear us.

  • Lord, we know that you have the words of eternal life. Help us to love those words and to put them into practice in our daily lives.  Lord, hear us.
  • To know you, Lord, is to know the Father, and that is enough for us.  Guide us to know your divine assistance, to come to know you and look only to you, our true life.  Lord, hear us.
  • For our troops in harm’s way, that they may know you guiding and saving hand at all times.  May their decisions be made with prudence and great faith.  May they always practice restraint whenever possible.  Lord, hear us.
  • Belief, in today’s day and age, is difficult and takes courage.  Belief, that is, that runs contrary to the “flow” of what everybody else is doing or thinking.  Help us to be courageous, Lord, and to put our time, energy and resources at your disposal.   Lord, hear us.
  • You are the light of the world, and you promise to illumine the pathway for all believers.  Light our path through the glory of your resurrection.   Lord, hear us.
  • You have always used messengers to proclaim your Holy Presence, in former times the prophets and angels did your Holy bidding.  Today, in the Church, you call upon us to be your ambassadors.  Give us courage, Lord.   Lord, hear us.
  • You are the way, the truth and the life, and no one can go to the Father except through you.  Help us to understand the meaning of these words, and live them.  Lord, hear us.

(Add your own petitions)

OUR PRAYER:  God our Father, thank you for the gift of life, our first life from our parents and the new life you give us through the resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, our LORD.  AMEN.